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Bad customer service can kill your business!

This article tells a cautionary tale of how one company’s disregard for customer service almost put it out of business! When I first met this client (I shall call them ACME, for the sake of anonymity) they seemed on the surface to be a successful business. However, when asked to deliver a mystery shopping report on their behalf, it soon became apparent that there were some worrying deficiencies in their business. Posing as a variety of new and existing customers, I spoke to a number of their customer service and sales staff on the telephone, I found their behaviour almost … Continued

Grow your business with my Thinking Big! articles, published exclusively in Talk Business magazine

Here’s my latest article in the excellent Talk Business magazine. Click here for article. Thinking Big! is focussed on getting your business to operate efficiently and grow your sales to maximise profit. The latest article is all about Goals. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve been writing for Talk business for some time now and I must say it’s probably the best business magazine out there. So, if you’re interested in getting your business in front of up to 85,000 entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s a great place to start. My contact there is Trystan Hurley. As he’s so good, … Continued

Cellular Selling: The Secrets Of The Natural Born Salesperson

Exciting times here at Cellular Attitude. In the coming weeks you will hear about our next book; Cellular Selling – The secret of the natural born salesperson. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite… Get Cellular Selling ! Have you ever met a great seller? They are successful, seem to get everything they want and are popular into the bargain. Life is effortless and everything falls into place for them. In business they achieve great heights with ease and their negotiations are smooth and fast. In every aspect of their live they excel, handling any misfortune or difficulty that comes … Continued

The Sales Management & Performance Show 2013

I’d just like to thank everyone who made it to the Sales Management & Performance show over at the ExCel last week June 6th & 7th. The show was well attended and I’m delighted to say that my keynote speeches and Big Sell events were packed to the rafters! Thanks to everyone who attended, I hope you all took something away from the show. There were plenty of winners at The Big Sell, so the event was an unqualified success for me! Here’s a montage of the various events. We’ve re-booked for next year, so if you’d like advance FREE … Continued

The ‘Big Sell’ is coming, win £5,000 of training and coaching

The Big Sell. This coming June 6th/ 7th at the Sales Management Performance Live Exhibition 2013 at ExCel London, I am exhibiting, delivering keynote speeches and hosting The Big Sell. Think Britains Got Talent…ed Salepeople! The art of selling is often cloaked in mystery and is frequently the part of running a business that many people hate. The Big Sell will show you that anyone can sell successfully – and prove it can also be fun. It is quite simply a ‘must-see’ for anyone serious about their business’ success that also recognises the importance of a good sales technique. The … Continued